Beijing Century City East  

Beijing, China

withheld upon request

Project Data:
96,500 sm building area    
Mixed-use office tower, residential and commercial

Project Description:

Located southeast of central Beijing, this project completes the final phase of development of Century City East. Occupying the northeast quadrant at the intersection of the fourth ring road and the Beijing/Shengyang expressway, the development entails an office tower, commercial space, apart-hotels, and conference space on a 16,250 sm site.

The design concept maximizes the potential for views and orientation by optimizing shape and placement of buildings. An offset office plan, sky-lobbies, and sculpted form provide views through the building, while heightening transparency. Residential program is dispersed amongst multiple buildings of varying heights, creating spatial definition and view corridors. Avoiding the typology of a monolithic retail podium, a meandering enclosure promotes pedestrian experiences, opening the landscaped center for public use and extensive landscaping.

A high performance facade utilizing current, advanced technologies assists intelligent environmental control of user spaces. A twin-shell facade encouraging natural ventilation, controlled daylighting, and external shading are system features. The reduction of external loads and daylight controlled artificial lighting minimizes mechanically induced space conditioning demands. An integrated design approach allows the individual users to control space temperature, air quality and room illumination levels.

International Design Competition - First Prize 
AIA Hong Kong, Merit Award for Un-built Projects 
SARA, Design Excellence Award - Projects in Progress



96,500 平方米,包括多用途办公塔楼,住宅和商业




国际设计竞赛- 一等奖 
香港,美国建筑师联盟, 设计荣誉奖 
SARA 优秀设计奖