FDA Forensic Chemistry Center     

Cincinnati, USA
1994 - 1998

General Services Administration, Higgins Development Partners

Project Data:
64,000 sf building area    
Forensic chemistry testing laboratory & district office

Project Description:

Representing the state-of-the-art in laboratory design, a unique application of technical and planning solutions maximizes laboratory flexibility and facilitates efficiency of operation. Located on a wooded, 8 acre site within the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Research Park, the building and site orientation augments the site’s natural characteristics, while minimizing the disruption of existing landscape features. The 64,000 sf facility includes first class forensic chemistry testing laboratories, administrative and lab technician office space, lab support and employee amenities, and secured underground parking.

The design addresses highly specific programmatic and technical requirements, thereby creating a facility that provides the flexibility for future lab modification and expansion. A clearly organized building plan focuses on a common circulation spine which connects laboratory modules with the district’s administrative office zone. The spine is a light infused double-height space that becomes the organizing link between the lab blocks by combining personnel circulation with accessible overhead distribution of main utility and service feeds to the labs. Throughout the facility, a network of communication is provided for both formal and informal meeting spaces, since the best resource for a researcher is another researcher.

The exterior design expression and use of materials clearly reflect the internal organization and external mission of the facility. A thoughtful combination of building materials from architectural pre-cast concrete, high performance glazing and metal panels, combined with expressed volumetric relationships and a horizontal expression engage this building with its surroundings. The approach to technical considerations is intended to provide the highest quality, safety, flexibility and energy conserving features available. A combination high-tech building automation and temperature control system, utilizing Direct Digital Control, monitors and controls the HVAC and electrical systems. Combined, these planning and technical solutions represent the state-of-the-art in laboratory design.

SARA, Design Excellence Award - Architecture  
GSA Design/Build Competition - First Prize

1994 - 1998


6400平方米, 包括法医化学实验室和区域办公室儿园



外观设计表达和使用的材料,清楚地反映了内部组织机构和设施的外部使命。预制混凝土,高性能玻璃和金属板的巧妙结合。 建筑体量通过建筑的水平表达周到地与周围环境结合起来。技术方面的考虑旨在提供最高的质量,安全性,灵活性和能源节约等功能。该建筑也是一个集合高科技自动化温度控制系统,直接利用数字控制,监视和控制暖通空调和电气系统。这些规划和技术解决方案的代表着国家实验室的最高设计。

GSA 设计建造竞赛- 一等奖