Jurmala Spa Hotel 

Jurmala, Latvia

TM Investments

Project Data:
1450 sm site area    
20 room boutique hotel and spa resort

Project Description:

Extending Jurmala’s tradition of innovative architecture, this spa complex and boutique hotel finds inspiration through contemporary interpretation of traditional building forms and materials. Historically, the seaside community of Jurmala has been an international destination to seek physical and spiritual health renewal, and also an escape from the nearby capital city of Riga. Ranging from large, communal sanitariums to individual holiday/weekend villas, and more recently - year round homes, Jurmala has been an architectural laboratory that has explored various typologies and styles. 

Working within the boundaries of a demanding site, the project establishes a public and private realm through thoughtful siting and placement of building forms and uses.  The massing strategy consists of two offset wings separated by a transparent public circulation zone.  Set at opposing angles, the building wings respond to the site boundary and neighboring structures, while forming a private courtyard.  The three story western wing consists of guest rooms set above ground level spa treatment and rejuvenating pool amenities.  This wing runs parallel with the site boundary, positioning single-loaded guest rooms to enjoy views of the Town Hall and the bend of Lielupe River.

The adjacent two-story wing responds to adjacent buildings through an angled orientation that provides more open space between the neighbors, and helps to frame the spa’s courtyard.  The hotel entrance is discreetly located in the internal part of the property, thereby minimizing the visibility of automobiles and parking from the surrounding view corridors. 

External materials consist primarily of horizontal wood siding, wood veneer panels, and a clever wood screening over larger glazed openings.  This provides privacy and sun shading for the hotel guests and presents a unique glowing effect externally at nighttime, similar to Asian lanterns.  The western façade of the guest wing consists of wood screens and operable, matted glass panels that can be individually moved by the guests to provide privacy, shading, or an open exposure.  This provides a continuously changing, expressive façade to the public, and a distinct signature for the hotel property.

Through sensitive siting, respectful massing, appropriate material selection, interpretive forms, and a distinct acknowledgement of Jurmala’s architectural history, this project seeks to contribute to the diversity which embodies Jurmala’s architectural tradition. 


TM 投资

1450 平方米, 20房间的温泉度假精品酒店



建筑的外部材料主要包括横向木壁板,单面木板,和一个精巧的木质遮阳板。这为酒店的客人们提供了更好的隐私和遮阳。 在夜晚,遮阳板的外部呈现出独特的发光效果,类似亚洲的灯笼。酒店西翼的外观是由木质屏幕和可开启的,磨砂玻璃面板构成,磨砂玻璃面板可以由客人的意愿开合,以提供私密性,遮阳,成为酒店与众不同的立面特色。