Minqiao Office Tower  

Fuzhou, China

Fujian Sansheng Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Project Data:
86,000 sm building area    
Mixed-use office & commercial

Project Description:
Located on a narrow site south of Fuzhou City’s CBD, the project seeks to maximize the site’s allowable development potential while exploring the client’s design request for a twin tower and single tower option.  Limited to only 7700 sm of site area, along with various height and site setback provisions, the design schemes focus on strategies to reach an 11.20 plot ratio and provide the client the various solutions requested. 

A prime consideration was the requirement to have two distinct office volumes, one given over to government offices with the other being commercial office.  The schemes seek to exploit the site height/setback requirements to achieve desired building area without grouping all program elements in a single volume - which was a previous approved solution.  Integrating low and mid-rise zones which can extend closer to the site setback lines allowed the development of two schemes - a clearly defined twin tower scheme and a combination of tall single tower with low rise ‘bar’ scheme.

Ultimately, a ‘hybrid’ solution was generated which features a 150 meter high commercial office tower coupled with a distinctly separate government office component.  The sustainable design will feature an advanced exterior cladding system which incorporates a detached outer glass layer, which provides sun control and a thermal buffer, while permitting free air flow for the main facade behind. This variation on the conventional “double facade” yields greater air flow for natural ventilation, taking advantage of ocean breezes.  The distinct skyline profile and sculpted north facade will yield a new landmark for the southern area of Fuzhou’s CBD.



86,000 平方米建筑面积,多功能商业办公写字楼


在设计过程中主要的考虑因素是两个相对独立的办公塔楼,其中一栋是归还给政府,用于政府机构办公之用, 另一栋为出租之用的商业办公写字楼。该设计寻求利用基地的高度/退线要求来实现所需的建筑面积并不将所有的内容打包在单一的体量中-像原先获得客户认可的方案那样。整合低,中高层区可以将建筑扩展至最接近建筑退线,这样为两种不同方案的设计创造了可能 - 一个明确界定的双子塔设计方案和一个由高大的塔楼和一个身材低矮的“条形”群楼的组合方案。