B1 Tower - NFU Technology Park   

Shenzhen, China

Nanshan District Government, Resettlement Bureau

Project Data:
15.2 ha site area, 
Zone B – 80,800 sm building area, R&D office, IT incubator space
B1 Tower – 45,000 sm, 110 meter

Project Description:
Located within Shenzhen’s burgeoning NanShan Dashahe Innovation Corridor, the NFU Technology Park provides an enhanced environment and platform for technological innovation and discovery.  Bordering Shenzhen University’s new campus, the 628,000 sm project comprises IT incubator space, R&D office, medical instruments development, and entrepreneurship services on a 15.2 hectare site.  

Zone B functions as the Entrepreneurship Incubator Center and is symbolically considered the ‘District of Inspiration’, encouraging discovery and innovation for IT professionals, scientists, entrepreneurs and visionaries.  It provides buildings and spaces which fulfill the goal of integrating R&D, manufacturing and education platforms.  B1 Tower is an architecturally expressive structure, deemed the ‘Tower of Inspiration’, and occupies a pivotal position within the Technology Park.  It serves as a focal point which visually defines a site axis extending from the high point of a burial mound hilltop, to the eastern tip of the site.

The Tower design solution responds to site and functional influences, creating a distinct skyline profile and distinct focal point.  A beautifully sculpted tower shape responds directly to the urban context, and its geometry responds harmoniously with surrounding buildings.  While architecturally responsive to context, the tower shape and floor plan is derived from the goal of providing the highest quality of work space. A highly efficient floor plan seamlessly integrates unique office environment amenities and advantageous view opportunities.

Architecturally, combinations of active and passive environmental design strategies are incorporated providing reduced operating costs, energy savings and materials conservation.  The design features highly flexible planning solutions meeting the demanding criteria of functional use and programmatic adaptability required for today’s innovation workplace environments.  This elegantly sinuous tower form rises 110 meters, serving as a focal point of the Technology Park and an iconic visual “marker” for the area.

International Design Competition – First Prize
3-Star Energy Efficiency Rating – China GBEL



B区-80,800 平方米,包括科研型办公,IT软件开发基地


International Design Competition – First Prize
3-Star Energy Efficiency Rating – China GBEL