NFU Technology Park
Shenzhen, China

Nanshan District Government, Resettlement Bureau

Project Data:
15.2 ha site area, 628,000 sm building area
R&D office, IT incubator space, outsourcing office

Project Description:
Located within Shenzhen’s burgeoning NanShan Dashahe Innovation Corridor, the NFU Technology Park provides an enhanced environment and platform for technological innovation and discovery. Bordering Shenzhen University’s new campus, the 628,000 sm project comprises IT incubator space, R&D office, medical instruments development, and entrepreneurship services on a 15.2 hectare site.

The architectural design approach acknowledges nature as an invaluable resource, a repository of knowledge, and a source of inspiration. The urban design strategy preserves natural site features, notably an ancient burial mound hill and an existing military boundary, while introducing a central landscape public realm. The integrated design strategy respects the site’s existing natural topography and is organized along the framework of a city – comprised of various programmatic ‘districts’ framing a central green space. Four major ‘districts’ are comprised of the following and directly reflect their specific programmatic functions:

‘District of Inspiration’ – Entrepreneurship Incubator Center
‘District of Investigation’ – Medical Instruments & Meters
‘District of Knowledge’ – Entrepreneurship & District Service Center
‘District of Realization’ – Outsourcing Services

Underlying the conceptual design is an acknowledgement that more often, new scientific and technological endeavors seek inspiration and answers directly from nature. Architecturally, combinations of active and passive environmental design strategies are incorporated providing reduced operating costs, energy savings and materials conservation. The design features unique, highly flexible architectural planning solutions meeting the demanding criteria of functional use and programmatic adaptability required for today’s innovation workplace environments. The Technology Park is envisioned as a vibrant city - the ‘City of Discovery, Opportunity and Reward’.

International Design Competition – First Prize
3-Star Energy Efficiency Rating – China GBEL






投资街区- 医疗设备仪器
知识街区- 创业园区和工业区服务中心
实践街区- 产业外包服务

新型科技和产业的发明者和创造者们的灵感源泉是自然,这同时也是本设计中建筑和规划赖以依托的根本。主动式和被动式的环境节能方式在该方案中被应用,来减少建筑的运营成本,节约能源和节省建筑用材。建筑外观设计独特,但却充分满足不同用途的建筑对空间要求的灵活性,加之不同的组团划分使建筑整体形成了一个充满活力的城市- 一个不断探索的,充满机遇和挑战城市。