Novoseltsevo Residential Development   

Moscow, Russia                            

Future Homes Development Corp.

Project Data:
256,278 sm site area    
Waterfront resort and residential community

Project Description:
Located alongside the Klyazminskoe Reservoir 35 kilometers northeast of central Moscow, this waterfront residential development concept provides a unique living and recreational environment within a spectacular natural setting.  The vast system of waterways and lakes comprising the reservoir are an extremely popular year round and weekend waterfront recreational and living destination. Its close proximity to Moscow makes this site a highly desirable location for weekend and second homes for city dwellers.

The concept master plan provides an enhanced natural environment for a wide variety of land parcels and natural amenities.  The concept design strategy is derived from an organic approach to the land plot distribution and site circulation network.  A key feature of this layout is the priority placed upon the imposition of a “green” circulation and recreational zone which meanders throughout the entire site, ultimately connecting to the waterfront. This landscape component allows for a dedicated pedestrian movement system, where overlaps with vehicular traffic is limited and controlled.  Additionally, this landscaped corridor provides a transitional zone between land plots so that the “rear” yards for residents become more private.   
A variety of typical lot sizes are provided, which allow for lots to be combined or further subdivided as needed.  The immediate waterfront properties are the largest in size, yet can be sub-divided depending upon market demands.  Provisions for various marina and dock facilities are provided for the residents, and are envisioned as unique destinations and physical markers of the site.  An architecturally unique feature is the overlook tower at the northwest corner of the property, affording spectacular views across the development and spectacular natural setting surrounding the community.



256,278 平方米基地面积,濒水度假和居住社区