Ocean Flower Island - Zone B Hotels

Danzhou, Hainan Island, China

Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited

Project Data:
381.00 ha island site area, 86.00 ha zone B site area               
Concept hotel designs for various sized plots and locations

Project Description:
Located along Hainan Island’s spectacular northwest coast, Ocean Flower Island is a visionary artificial island development envisioned as a premier international destination showcasing a unique, one-of-a-kind mix of resort, residential, and leisure functions.  Situated 45 kilometers northwest of Danzhou, the series of artificial islands lie between Danzhou Bay and Yangpu Bay.  The central island - Ocean Flower Island, is conceptualized as a Chinese peony flower with five main petals and a center, and with each zone featuring unique functions and attractions.

Zone B is Ocean Flower’s largest zone and contains premiere resort hotels envisioned as signature, modern architectural designs with highly innovative layouts and evocative forms.  While addressing no specific hospitality program, the concept studies were intended to develop multiple design ideas and schemes for four plots, with buildings ranging in height from 60 to 120 meters.  The client’s expressed requirements were for iconic hotel designs whose forms were organic and expressive in nature, and exuded an innovative and modern architectural design approach.

A total of nine conceptual designs were developed and responded to their specific site locations in terms of form, massing and orientation.  Consideration was given to potential guest room configurations and floor plan layouts, in order that the proposed design concept could be reasonably realized if desired.  Extremely dynamic and fluid shapes were modeled and investigated, alongside expressively organic forms drawing upon natural flora for inspiration.

海花岛项目 - B区酒店度假村

恒大集团 , 儋州兴合投资有限公司

381公顷的岛屿用地面积, 86公顷B区用地面积