Ocean Flower Island - Zone D Residential   

Danzhou, Hainan Island, China

Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited

Project Data:
381.00 ha island site area, zone D site area
Concept facade design for residential towers

Project Description:
Located along Hainan Island’s spectacular northwest coast, Ocean Flower Island is a visionary artificial island development envisioned as a premier international destination showcasing a unique, one-of-a-kind mix of resort, residential, and leisure functions. Situated 45 kilometers northwest of Danzhou, the series of artificial islands lie between Danzhou Bay and Yangpu Bay.  The central island - Ocean Flower Island, is conceptualized as a Chinese peony flower with five main petals and a center, and with each zone featuring unique functions and attractions.

Zone D is master planned to feature resort villa hotels and high-rise residential towers.  Concept facade designs were developed to study new design ideas easily adapted to the Client’s standard floor plans, for towers ranging in height from 100 - 120 meters.

A variety of architectural expressions were developed, some inspired by the flowing motion of the sea and embracing tropical breezes, thus being at harmony with the tropical setting.  Others are inspired by the petals of the Chinese peony, with an organic facade treatment and expressive nature.  Deep and curvilinear profiled balconies provide residents generous opportunities to enjoy the tropical climate and take in the incredible sea views of Ocean Flower Island.  Varied geometries and massing arrangements of balconies cast interesting and changing plays of light and crisp shadows throughout the day.  The horizontal balconies and vertical screen walls help to control solar heat gain in the apartment units, and define a modern and coastal character for the towers.

海花岛项目 - D区住宅楼 

深恒大集团 , 儋州信恒房地产开发有限公司

381公顷的岛屿用地面积, D区场地面积