Park City

Moscow, Russia

Park City Investments

Project Data:
4 buildings, 40,000 sm building area    
200 residential units

Project Description:
Luxury high rise residential towers and mid-rise condominium buildings are the key components of a master planned urban riverfront development, with specific buildings and groupings designed by a select group of internationally recognized architects.  The superb, center city site is located along the Moskva River directly across from the Moscow City business center development and directly adjacent to the Ukranija Hotel.

The mid-rise buildings follow the prescribed building envelope of the urban design guidelines, reinforcing the defined edge of the main boulevard.  A maximum height of eight floors was permitted, with generous penthouse units designated for the top levels.  The massing responds to the design guidelines but also introduces new diagonal relationships with the “Diagonal” boulevard towers.  A thoughtful composition of materials and integral balconies animate the façade, featuring a provision of operable glass panels enabling the balconies to be utilized year round.

The high rise towers step down in conformance with the massing outlined in the urban design guidelines.  With a maximum of four units per floor, the buildings maximize view potential while providing generous living space and amenities.  A combination of stone and glass defines the exterior expression, creating a diverse pattern of reflection, transparency and opacity.  The towers faceted shapes encourage dramatic views of the city, and will vary in color and reflection depending upon the time of day and season of the year.



4栋建筑,40,000平方米, 200 户住宅。