Shansheng Headquarter Tower  

Quanzhou, China

Hong Kong Shansheng Group Co., Ltd.

Project Data:
46,500 sm building area    
Headquarters office tower, private club & retail

Project Description:
Located along the Quanzhou City waterfront, this distinctive 100 meter high tower will serve as the office headquarters for Hong Kong Shansheng Group.  Comprising a total 46,500 sm, this mixed-use facility provides 33,000 sm of Class A office space, 7000 sm of retail space, underground parking, and a private club occupying the top four floors.

Taking cues from the nautical context, the building’s unique shape expresses the fluidity of water through a sinuous sculpting of exterior form. Emerging from the ground plane and creating a figural linkage with the waterfront, the commercial levels organically envelop the tower and eschew the conventional typology of a “block” commercial podium.  This creates inviting entries into the building, provides a rooftop promenade, and culminates with a dramatic riverfront overlook.

The tower utilizes a high-performance cladding system, incorporating triple glazed low-e glass in a creative composition of transparent and opaque surfaces.  A distinct geometric pattern defines the facade which changes vertically, creating a progression from opaque, semi-transparent, and then transparent - effectively dematerializing the top of the tower.  Combined with an organically sculpted top, it creates dramatic vistas and views from the private club occupying the upper levels, and becomes an iconic silhouette for the headquarters and the City of Quanzhou.



46,500 平方米建筑面积包括办公楼,私人会所和商业



塔楼立面采用了高性能的覆面系统,纳入三重玻璃幕墙系统:极具创意的透明和不透明的Low-E玻璃构成的表面。鲜明的几何图案定义了立面上的垂直变化,建立了一个从不透明,半透明,然后透明的变化 - 有效地将塔楼顶部非实体化。这样的设计创造出富有戏剧性的远观效果,从私人俱乐部向外看,海景一览无余。设计使该建筑成为总部建筑和泉州城市建筑中具有标志性的典范。