Cities and their physical composition represent dynamic organisms which, like people, directly impact society.  Their design assumes greater responsibility than mere habitat, utility or enclosure.  Architecture’s role to positively shape and influence this environment is unique and essential.

We promote relevance in architecture, seeking meaning in its physical manifestation.

Architecture evolves from a patient, critical search for clarity of meaning, purpose, responsibility and innovation.  Our design approach eschews the vagaries of stylistic dogma or pre-conceived, transient fashion; rather, it promotes a creative process of discovery seeking unique, intuitive responses appropriate to the specific project.

We believe in our clients, we believe in ourselves.

With a global perspective towards all design fields, we emphasize a dynamic studio environment to generate, test and refine ideas - to explore all possibilities and seek their potential.  This collaborative process is informed by a research based understanding of program, site and environmental context developed through intensive dialogue.

We embrace collaboration, within the studio and with partners amongst disparate creative fields.

Architecture and design can change our conditions - making them an essential act.  Social and environmental responsibility frames our approach which enthusiastically supports advances in new building technologies and their appropriate implementation, while not overlooking proven techniques and strategies.  

We seek innovative responses relevant to the moment.