Founding Principal

President and Director of Architecture & Planning for SALTANS ARCHITECTS, his distinguished architectural career spans more than thirty years and is defined by a creatively diverse, internationally recognized design portfolio.  His conceptual ideas and collaborative approach generates innovative design solutions for projects of various scale, location, and complexity.  With specific focus on architecture, urban design and master planning, he has designed notable projects in various countries including China, Japan, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Turkey, and the United States. His client experience includes highly regarded US and Foreign developers, corporations such as Motorola and Hyatt, and government clients such as the GSA-FDA.

Recognized for his innovative design abilities, Janis has won numerous international design competitions in China, Russia and the US; notably the Nan Fang University Technology Park, the Haikou West Coast Planning, the Masshtab A101 Business Park, the Beijing Dazhalan Area, and for the US General Services Administration.  He has garnered Design Awards for projects in the US, China, and Poland, and his architectural work has been published in international books and journals such as Architectural Record, World Architecture Review, Latvijas Architektura, Hinge (Hong Kong), Projekt Russia, Architektura (Poland), and C3 (Korea).   

He has served on several international design competition juries and as a guest Studio Design Critic at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, the School of Architecture - Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Faculty of Architecture and Design - RISEBA University of Applied Sciences.  His architectural work and paintings have been exhibited in international galleries and museums; notably the 2012 Venice Biennale, the Bienal de Arquitectura in Sao Paulo, the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Architecture, The Chicago Architectural Foundation, the Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, the Indiana State Museum, the Foreign Art Museum in Riga Latvia, and the Latvian Society of Architects.

Prior to establishing SA_I in 2009, Janis Saltans was Vice President and Director of Design at Leo A Daly (WDC), Vice President and Director of Architecture and Planning for Epstein International Co. Ltd. - Beijing, Vice President and Design Principal for Annex 5 (A. Epstein - Chicago), and Vice President and Senior Design Architect for A. Epstein & Sons in Chicago.

贾尼斯 赛尔坦斯,  美国建筑师协会

贾尼斯赛尔坦斯是美国赛尔坦斯国际建筑事务所的建筑和规划总裁兼董事。他从事建筑业长达30年之久,被公认为全球杰出的多元化的设计领航人物。他的概念性设计理念和相关的工作经验使他对不同规模、不同地理位置以及复杂多样的工程项目都能提出创新性的解决方案。凭借对建筑、城市设计、总体规划的特别关注研究,赛尔坦斯曾在许多国家诸如中国、日本、俄罗斯、波兰、拉脱维亚、土耳其和美国等设计出了著名的项目。他的客户包括美国政要、国外开发商以及一些跨国企业,如摩托罗拉、凯悦集团,政府客户包括美国总务管理局 (GSA)  和食品及药物管理局 (FDA).赛尔坦斯的创新设计能力得到广泛认可,并在中国、俄罗斯和美国获得多项国际设计大奖。值得一提的是案例有南方大学、深圳大学科技学院、海口市西海岸规划、北京大栅栏地区, MasshtabA101商业公园、以及美国总务管理局。另外,他在美国、中国和波兰的项目上都曾多次获得国家设计奖。许多国际知名书籍和期刊上都曾发表过他的建筑作品,如《建筑实录》、《世界建筑导报》、拉脱维亚 (Latvijas Architektura)、香港 (Hinge)、俄罗斯 (Projekt Russia)、 韩国 (C3)、以及波兰 (Architektura) 。


在成立SA_I之前,贾尼斯 赛尔坦斯曾担任美国德理公司 (Leo A. Daly - WDC) 设计副总裁兼董事。还曾任职北京爱普斯顿国际设计咨询公司建筑和规划副总裁兼董事、芝加哥 annex/5 (爱普斯顿设计集团)担任副总裁和首席设计师以及任职爱普斯顿兄弟国际有限公司(芝加哥)副总裁兼高级建筑设计师。



Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner for SALTANS ARCHITECTS (Istanbul), architect Dilek Hocaoglu is a highly respected international design consultant whose exceptional career spans over 25 years, with extensive international expertise.  Her client experience includes working with highly regarded international investors and developers on their real estate projects, and promoting successful relationships with US and Turkish professional Design Firms.  She skillfully provides managerial oversight to ensure a quality project that is delivered on-time, and that exceeds the client’s expectations.

Recognized in 2011 with the Leo A Daly Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Leadership, Ms. Hocaoglu has directed and managed complex design and real estate projects throughout the world.   Based in Istanbul, Turkey, she has project experience in multiple countries and regions extending from Europe, Central Asia, Asia, and Northern Africa.  Significant projects include the 125,000sm Izmir International Health Park, the Garyounis University Campus in Benghazi, Libya encompassing 330,000sm and 25 individual buildings, Excellence Huanggang Century City in Shenzhen, China – a four tower 430,000sm mixed use development, the Military Academy for the Ministry of Defense in Kazakhstan at 120,000sm, and the 220,000sm A101 Business Park in Moscow, Russia.

Additional representative projects include luxury residential buildings and tower at ZAO Park City in Moscow, the Central Core Project and the Transport Terminal Project located within the high profile Moscow City development, and multiple other project types throughout Russia ranging from the Tschernoretschje Satellite Town in Samara to the Heineken Brewery in Nijni Novgorod.  Within Turkey, Ms. Hocaoglu project experience includes 5-star resort facilities such as the Aegean Breeze Resort in Alacati, and high-end boutique retail for various Escada shops throughout Istanbul.

Prior to her role as Strategic Partner and international design consultant, she was the Regional Director for Eastern Europe, CIS and Northern Africa at Leo A Daly for 8 years.  Her career also included work at Citer Invest B.V., Troy Construction, Ata Construction, and Tekfen Engineering & Construction.  Fluent in Turkish, English and Russian, Ms. Hocaoglu is a graduate of Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul.